Headshots in Black and White

FAQ Friday | Do you offer headshots in Black and White?

Corporate Headshots in Black and White

This week, I am answering a question that is often asked and that is if we can produce headshot photography in Black and White as well as colour. The simple answer is yes. In fact for every session we shoot, the final edited headshots are provided in both colour and B&W. I think its easy to tell by looking through our website that the preference here at Lumosia is for colour headshots although many of our clients use the Black and White versions.

Headshots for Actors in Black and White

Black and White Actor Headshots

Actors still use black and white images for their headshots as well as colour.

For many years, the only images that actors used for their headshots and for the likes of Spotlight (The largest actor directory), was a single black and white image. Some agents will still have a single ‘Spotlight Style’ image of their clients on their websites. However, with the ability to have multiple images online, the move in the last few years has not only been towards colour but to multiple headshots and images. The classic black and white headshot is however something that every actor and performer should have in their collection of personal branding images.

Corporate Headshots in Black and White

London Headshot Photography

Many of our larger corporate clients that are within the professional services sector such as law, finance, etc will also use images of their key personnel in black and white. This can offer a consistency not only throughout a country but internationally as well. Photographers work in colour will differ in what is called white balance meaning the images may appear to have a warmer or cooler tone depending on the preference of the photographers style. Converting images to a true black and white (not greyscale which is very flat in its tonality) can produce images that match very well when displayed on a website, internal and external literature, etc.

All headshots are available in both colour and B&W

Colour and Black & White versions of an actors headshot

All the headshots we produce are photographed in colour in a RAW format. This gives us the flexibility to create black and white as well as colour images for you to use wherever you like. Even if you purely want black and white images, you have the option of taking the colour as well.

Environmental Corporate headshot in Black & White

If you are looking for new headshots in colour or black & white, call Helen in Bristol on 01275 568 669 or Sean in London on 020 7523 5325. You can also email us at hello@lumosia.co.uk

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