Headshot Sizes – How to crop your headshots

The traditional actor headshot size or crop is just your head and shoulders. Tighter cropped headshots can have more impact. However casting directors increasingly like to see some images that show your body type and physique. After all it isn’t just your head and shoulders who would be in frame should you be offered the part! For this reason we like to give you the option on how they should be cropped and we normally send you your headshots in their original proportions (unless an image needs cropping or you specifically ask us to crop them). Uploading your headshots in a variety of sizes or crops shows the best variety possible.

However, we don’t just leave you to it. We suggest an online (free) site where you can crop them into whatever sizes you like. The site we recommend is https://imageresize.org/ However there are lots of other ways to crop them too (including Photoshop which is what we use). In the below example we show you in 5 easy steps how to crop them yourself.

Best size for headshots

We have cropped an example and included screen grabs to show you how it’s done.

Step 1:  Go to https://imageresize.org/ and upload one of your headshots (in either high or low resolution)

Step 2:  Click on crop and to crop the image to 10×8 (4:3 Ratio) enter 800 for the width and 1000 for the height as below. Then click on the padlock image to lock in the crop ratio.

Enter the dimensions for 10x8


Step 3: Increase the crop area by clicking on the black squares in the corner. Position the crop area so that any areas you would like to crop out are darker. It is often best to make sure that the rule of third (the dotted lines) are through your eyes in the image. Don’t worry about cropping your images. The high-resolution files are huge and you could even make wallpaper out of them. Even if you crop an image to a 30% of its original size, the quality would still be fine.

Photography Rule of Thirds


Step 4: Keep all the other settings the same and click ‘Download Image’ towards the bottom of the screen.

Download Image

Step 5: The image will download to wherever your downloads normally go and is ready for you to use.

If you would like any advice on how to crop your headshots (or anything else) please call Helen on 07810 004451.


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