Headshot Photography – Preparing for your session

Preparing for a headshot photography session. Tips and helpHeadshot Photography – Preparing for your session

In the era of LinkedIn, Twitter and other online and offline platforms, having a great headshot to make a first impression is essential.

Preparing for your headshot shoot will not only make the whole process much less stressful but the resulting images will look that much better!

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your photo shoot.

What to wear for your headshot shoot

Clothing reflects you, your brand and personality so it’s worth spending some time choosing the right outfits(s) for your shoot. For the majority of headshots, it’s only your top half you need to worry about.

For most headshots, we would recommend avoiding too many distracting patterns, graphics, branded logos (Nike, etc) or super vibrant colours.

Wear what you feel represents you and you, your profession and your company. If you are unsure, bring a few changes of clothing. A classic white shirt or blouse is always a great starting point. Consider a formal and casual look for more variety.

Do remember to iron any clothing that you may wear for a shoot and have them hung up. We have had people arrive with bin bags full of clothes and wrinkles really don’t look good in a professional image!

Remember, if you are part of a larger group such as a company. It may be worth coordinating a look. This doesn’t have to be anymore complex that the men all wear jackets and ties (or not).

What to wear for a headshot photography session

Hair and Make Up for Headshots

We can of course provide hair and make up for a headshot shoot but if you are taking care of everything yourself, here are a few pointers.

Make Up: Typically, make up for headshots is very natural and light. A headshot should be a true representation of who you are so usually best to keep it looking natural.

Hair and Facial Hair – Throughout a shoot, feel free to change your hair. Bring any accessories you like. If you have long hair, start with it down and then put it up throughout the shoot.

For men, if you want a look with and without stubble / beard, bring a shaving kit with you.

Check your eyebrows, nasal hair, etc to make sure you are happy.

Skin: Photoshop is a wonderful thing but spending a bit of time on your skin the day before a shoot will work wonders! Try to avoid alcohol the night before as well as salty and fried foods. Boring as it may seem, water really helps your skin to look great!  Don’t stress about a last-minute breakout – we can remove any unwanted blemishes (and even brighten your teeth) in the retouching process.

Should you wear accessories for headshot photography?

Glasses: If you wear glasses on a daily basis, by all means wear them in the shoot. We can ensure that there are no reflections from our lights and you can of course have some shots without them on as well for variety.

Jewellery: For earrings, necklaces, etc. keep it simple so as not to be too distracting in the image. Of course you want your personality to come out but just keep in mind that the headshot is about you!

Business portrait taken outside the Houses of Parliment.

Nervous about your headshots photos?

In years of taking images, we have very rarely met someone who says they love to be photographed! The most common statement is that ‘I am not very photogenic!’ The truth is that everyone can be photographed well.

The best thing to do is to not over think it and let us help you to relax. A headshot shoot should be fun and we will guide you through the whole experience. Whether you are with us for 90 seconds or an hour, we will try our best to put you at ease! If you are really nervous, try a few deep breaths before the shoot and remember there is no pressure from us!

We hope this is helpful for you in preparing for a headshot shoot. If you have any specific questions, call us on 020 7523 5325 or 01275 568 669.

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