Headshot Photography – Behind the scenes

Behind the Scenes Headshot Photography

Headshot Photography Behind the scenes

Many of our clients enter the room for a headshot with the similar look that they have when they go to the dentist! However it really can be quite fun. By showing you headshot photography behind the scenes we hope to show that it really isn’t anything to worry about.

We try to get to know you, understand what image you would like to portray, make you laugh and do whatever we can to make you feel good. We also show you images during the session so you can see how amazing you look (any alter anything you would like to improve). It is a very unusual environment for many people. However, the best feedback that we get is that people find they really enjoy the shoot. Whether its 30 seconds or two hours, we work hard to make a headshot shoot as enjoyable as possible. There is no “Smile for the camera” or pressure to over perform. Our aim is to create a confident and approachable business portrait. We work with you to create a relaxed atmosphere and approach to help you to relax and create a natural and unforced image.

Here is a recent headshot shoot that we had with Verity who was looking for a new business headshot. She wanted a new headshot as after 12 years with the same company as Operations Director she has just been made redundant and is now looking for a new role.  She kindly gave us permission to film her session to help other people see behind the scenes and know what to expect.

Here’s the video from her session


Headshot Photography Behind the scenes


Simply by not lighting the background turns it from white to grey. A simple but great way of creating more variety to a session

Headshot Photography - Business Portrait with a grey background

If you would like to know more about what headshot photography behind the scenes is like please call us on 020 7523 5325 and we will happily chat through any questions you may have.

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