What to wear to a headshot photo session

When preparing for a business headshots session choosing what to wear so that it reflects you, your brand and personality is really important. For men choosing whether to wear a tie or no tie with a jacket for instance, can say a lot about their company ethos and values as well as what they are like as individuals.

clothes for a headshot photo session

Here are a few key points to think about:

  • For the majority of headshots, it’s only your top half you need to worry about.
  • We would (normally) recommend avoiding too many distracting patterns, graphics, branded logos (Nike, etc) or super vibrant colours.
  • Wear what you feel represents you and you, your profession and your company. If you are unsure, bring a few changes of clothing. A classic white shirt is always a great starting point. Consider a formal and casual look for more variety.
  • It is important that you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing. If you normally wear bright colours then wearing a white top just isn’t going to feel right to you and that will show in the photographs. It may sound a bit corny but feeling good is the best start to looking good.
  • Do remember to iron any clothing that you may wear for a shoot and have them hung up. We have had people arrive with bin bags full of clothes and wrinkles really don’t look good in a professional image!
  • Remember, if you are part of a larger group such as a company. It may be worth coordinating a look. This doesn’t have to be anymore complex than the men all wear jackets and ties (or not)

The image below gives a few examples of what people have worn to previous headshot sessions

Business Headshots

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