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We photograph business headshots for all sorts of businesses. From single entrepreneurs through to large multinational corporations. Here are some examples of our recent sessions and articles to help you prepare.

LinkedIn profile picture

Our LinkedIn Profile Picture Poll produced very interesting results!

LinkedIn poll re profile photos

As Headshot Photographers, our business portraits typically appear on company websites, company literature and of course as LinkedIn profile pictures. We wanted to find out how important LinkedIn profile pictures are and do people form opinions based on the photo alone. Who better to ask than recruiters. Whether they are an internal recruiter looking for their own company, or a consultant looking for a client, they are always actively networking and sourcing potential candidates often through LinkedIn itself.

We contacted Recruitment professionals and asked them three simple questions. This was a hidden ‘invite only’ poll that we proactively asked just recruiters to answer. We had 124 people answer the questions and they were really interested in what the results would be. We have to say the results surprised even us! If you are on LinkedIn and people are looking at your profile, this may make interesting reading!

These are the questions we asked:

“Do you search for candidates (job seekers) profiles on LinkedIn prior to contacting or meeting them?”

‘Do you form an opinion about a candidate based on their profile picture on LinkedIn?”

“Would you have second thoughts about a candidate that looks great on paper who has a bad headshot on LinkedIn?“

So why should we care about our LinkedIn profile picture?

Some of us take our LinkedIn profile picture more seriously than others. A quick scroll down any search will show you a big selection of professional shots mixed with holiday snaps. People are by their very nature curious. When preparing for a meeting with clients, new suppliers and potential employees we felt that lots of people did look up who they were meeting and consciously or unconsciously make judgements about them. But were we right?

The Results!!

Question 1 : “Do you search for candidates (job seekers) profiles on LinkedIn prior to contacting or meeting them?”

LinkedIn profile survey | Do you search for candidates details on LinkedIn?

93% of recruiters will look at your LinkedIn profile picture before contacting you!!

93% of recruiters say that they look you up online before they meet or even contact you! We knew it would be high but this is an extraordinary percentage! We will explore this more with later questions but that means that 93% of possible contacts are forming opinions based on what the see and read about you before they even speak with you! This poll was just amongst recruiters but our suspicion is that this is pretty much on par for any business contact. We all love to look up prospective contacts online first. Everyone is so accessible with LinkedIn and other social medias that it has become normal to check contacts out before meeting.


Question 2 : ‘Do you form an opinion about a candidate based on their profile picture on LinkedIn?”   

LinkedIn Survey | Do you form an opinion about a candidate based on their profile picture on LinkedIn?

Almost 70% of new contacts will judge you simply on your LinkedIn profile picture!!

68% of people you have never met are forming an opinion of you based on your LinkedIn profile picture alone! Good or bad, this is not something to be ignored. No matter what you do in your career or business, the fact that over 2/3rd of possible contacts are forming an opinion based simply on your photo needs to be considered when you are trying to make an impression.


Question 3 : “Would you have second thoughts about a candidate that looks great on paper who has a bad headshot on LinkedIn?“

LinkedIn Survey | Would you have second thoughts about a candidate that looks great on paper who has a bad headshot on LinkedIn?

69% of people may not contact you if they don’t like your LinkedIn profile!

Now this was a big surprise. We were shocked that 69% of people said yes or maybe to this question! That’s over two thirds of potential contacts on LinkedIn who may choose not to contact you purely down to your LinkedIn profile picture!

It may seem shallow but there are possibly so many opportunities that may not come to fruition just because your LinkedIn profile photo is not appealing. Of course you cannot please all the people all the time.  However the old saying that people buy from people is very true.  I am always shocked that contestants get a no on ‘Take me Out’ because they have stripy socks or love their mum! But its worth considering what decisions are being made based on our profile images.


LinkedIn typically wins when a name is searched for in Google!

Don’t think that your profile is not being looked at either. Something you may not be aware of, is that LinkedIn will generally win the race when a name search is conducted on Google. If you search for someone’s name (even when the company is added), LinkedIn will not only win against huge companies like Accenture and KPMG but they will also win against Facebook! Try it for yourself. Put your name and company into Google and LinkedIn will (normally) win. This means the first impression that many people have is your LinkedIn profile.

Google search always shows LinkedIn ahead of branded searches.

LinkedIn will typically win against a name and branded search in Google.

Who is LinkedIn?

Since LinkedIn was established in 2003, it has grown massively and is the ‘go to’ professional social platform for many industries. Recruitment professionals utilise LinkedIn massively for reaching out to possible candidates for jobs. In the UK, there are 21m members on LinkedIn. That’s about 1/3rd of the population! Worldwide, there are 500 million users and apparently, 40% of members use the service in a daily basis. Even with these stats, we are often surprised by the fact that companies and staff members opt to use personal photos for their profiles rather than the professional headshots that we or any other company may provide. There are many articles including our own on LinkedIn Profile Photo Mistakes but still, its very common to have a holiday snap or night out shot on a Linkedin profile picture.

We hope this has been interesting. We had a feeling that the results would be interesting and the feedback we had from the recruiters was that they were very intrigued to see the results. However, we never expected such an overwhelming bias towards being judged on the LinkedIn profile picture alone!

If you have any questions about this article or would like to use the data in your own site or publication, feel free to call us on 020 7523 5325 / 01275 568 669 or email

Portrait Photography | How Important is it for business?

Portrait Photography for business - Executive from London headshot

Portrait photography usually conjures up images of families running around the park being chased by a photographer. However, with online profiles on social media and company websites, professional portrait photography is a serious consideration for many companies large and small.

Portrait photography in business, used to be just for the board or C level staff whose business portraits were sent out with press releases and used in annual reports. However, with everyone now being incredibly accessible and your staff all being ambassadors for your brand, it’s more important than ever to have great portrait photography of your colleagues to use throughout online and offline mediums.

Portrait Photography | From CEO to the cleaner

From the CEO to the cleaner, everyone that has an online presence is in one way or another representing your brand. LinkedIn is incredibly well optimised for Google and typical searches for a name will often result in a LinkedIn profile (and photo) being one of the first results.

So, what should you consider if you do want to create great portrait photography for your business. We obviously deal with companies all the time to get great corporate photography and editorial images but as someone in an unrelated business, where do you even start??

What are the different types of Business Portrait Photography?

Portrait Photography of a business man

Classic headshot of a business executive shot from the chest upwards

What are headshots?

If you search Google for headshots, you will get a mix of reviews of a film, footage from a computer game and also a range of business and actor portraits. In photographic terms a headshot is a portrait that is taken from someones chest to the top of their head. Similar proportions to your passport image. It’s the image that you use on LinkedIn.

Headshots are traditionally shot on a solid colour background like white or grey as they are easy to replicate. Some companies still use school photo style mottled backgrounds and many are now using the office, building or outside space as the background.

What are environmental headshots or portraits

Environmental Portrait Photography

An environmental portrait uses its surroundings as a backdrop – this image uses a luxury car garage as the background

Environmental Headshots is the term for when the environment of where the image is taken is used as the background rather than a solid colour or mottled background. These business portraits tend to have a welcoming and friendlier feel to them. With professional lenses, the background has a blurred or ‘bokeh’ effect. This means that the focus is on the person in the image and the background is less distracting. The amount of blurriness depends on the maximum aperture of the lens. It’s very interesting to see the textures that appear which look very different to the naked eye.

What are Business Portraits?

Whereas headshots show a ‘head and shoulders’ image, business portraits have a much wider scope. The images can be full length and show people in a variety of situations. Business Portraits are often used in press releases and annual reports. Images can have eye contact with the camera or be a more candid approach showing the subject at work, in conversation, etc. Editorial is another phrase often used for this style of image.

Business Portrait Photography of an executive sitting on a chair

Business portraits can be headshots or full body images showing the environment.

How to choose the right style of portrait photography for your business.  

Portrait photography is simply another extension of your overall brand. Where you may have spent considerable time choosing your logo, corporate colours, fonts, etc to use throughout your business, choosing the right style or ‘look’ for your business portrait photography is just as important.

You of course know your brand better than anyone, but a good professional photographer will be able to show you sample images to fire up your imagination. They can also work with you to create portrait photography that will not only stand out and represent your brand your company across various platforms.

Business portrait of a female executive on a balcony in London

Business Portrait Photography can also be shot outside. When the UK weather lets us of course!

Should you book a Professional Photographer or use a smart phone?

As a professional portrait photographer, I will try to be unbiased for this section. For many instances, it not the camera but the understanding of light, posing and ability to deliver images with impact that is more important. Smart phones have amazing capabilities and with the likes of iPhones ‘Portrait’ mode which create a blurry background, many of the images are very usable. If you understand where to see good light (hint: it’s not facing the sun!), then you can get great naturally lit portraits.

The difference really comes in when you want to control the lighting, have a consistent look across your company and have pin sharp images that can be used in print. Professional portrait photographers will bring additional lighting that will ensure flattering and consistent images throughout your company in different locations or on different dates. I have personally photographed people for almost 12 years so it’s very intuitive for me to get portraits with great lighting and with minimal disruption for you and your team.

Have a try with your phone, for a simple headshot, stand inside your doorway ensuring the light is not too harsh. The large aperture of the doorway will create soft light that is great for a portrait.

Candid and Reportage images of a board meeting

Candid or Reportage Images are used both on websites and in brochures

Can’t we just use stock photography?

Stock photography prices have crashed over the last few years and there is actually some really good free stock websites that allow you to use corporate photography for no or very little charge. The images are often very clean-looking with very good-looking people running corporations from the nicest board rooms in the world.

Many companies do choose to use stock photography. It’s quick, cost-effective and looks great. Where it doesn’t quite work is in conveying your brand and skills of those in the organisation. For instance if you are a professional service based organisation looking to promote the skills and knowledge of your consultants, having stock photos that look nothing like the people who work for you, can cause confusion with your brand and give the organisation a less personal feel. There is a very true saying that people buy from people, so isn’t that something you should be maximising?

Business Portrait Photography

Where to use your business portrait photography?

So you have a great collection of headshots, editorial and candid business portraits. However, what do you do with them? Here is a great list of places to put your photos.

  • Profiles on your own website
  • LinkedIn Profile Picture (both small and header image)
  • Twitter Profile Picture (both small and header image)
  • Google My Business (They like lots of images both of people and products, buildings, etc)
  • Facebook Business Page
  • YouTube header
  • Annual Reports
  • Prospectus
  • Business Cards (great for remembering someone after a conference, networking meeting when you have lots of cards)
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters (both email and printed)
  • Online publishing (articles, ebooks, etc)
  • Bid Documents / Tender Documents

Should you have just headshots or also have full body images?

If you simply want an image of every staff member for a directory on your website or similar then a headshot is more than good enough. Where we tend to photograph beyond the headshot is for senior members of the team or solo professionals that are looking for a range of images to be used in marketing materials, board reports, websites, etc. If someone is the face of the business or in charge of a certain sector of the company, it may be worth getting a range of images that are on hand for whatever reason you need them.

Photography studio or client’s location?

Headshot photography studio set up in a boardroom.

If you have a number of people to be photographed, having the photographer come to you is a great idea.

If you are a company of any size, its best to have your portrait photography done in-house. We often shoot in the boardroom but I have been in the hallway, a stair well and the kitchen amongst other places. Having the portrait photographer come to you ensures that you and your colleagues will only spend the time of the shoot itself away from your desk, meetings, etc. With everyone’s diary forever changing, your photographer can work around everyone’s schedule and take the images as people become available. It’s not unusual for us to photograph someone in 30 seconds as they pass from one meeting to another.

Where a studio is useful is for getting a range of images and also some privacy from your colleagues! The studio can create a large range of images using backgrounds and the environment. With a permanent set up, the lighting can be more complex as can the styling of the images themselves. Many solo professionals opt to come to the studio to get a range of images used throughout their online and offline literature. In general, you will have more time with the photographer in a dedicated portrait photography session in the studio.

Should you include having group photos taken?

We work with a number of clients that in addition to single person headshots, opt to have group shots taken. Team shots can be included as part of any session and are simply classed as another finished image / person.

Portrait Photography for business - Group Image of a whole team

Group shots for business add to the friendly feel of your business

Portrait Photogrpahy for business from Lumosia in London and Bristol

If you would like to find out more about having some portrait photography images for you or your business please call Helen or myself on 020 7523 5325

Headshots in Black and White

FAQ Friday | Do you offer headshots in Black and White?

Corporate Headshots in Black and White

This week, I am answering a question that is often asked and that is if we can produce headshot photography in Black and White as well as colour. The simple answer is yes. In fact for every session we shoot, the final edited headshots are provided in both colour and B&W. I think its easy to tell by looking through our website that the preference here at Lumosia is for colour headshots although many of our clients use the Black and White versions.

Headshots for Actors in Black and White

Black and White Actor Headshots

Actors still use black and white images for their headshots as well as colour.

For many years, the only images that actors used for their headshots and for the likes of Spotlight (The largest actor directory), was a single black and white image. Some agents will still have a single ‘Spotlight Style’ image of their clients on their websites. However, with the ability to have multiple images online, the move in the last few years has not only been towards colour but to multiple headshots and images. The classic black and white headshot is however something that every actor and performer should have in their collection of personal branding images.

Corporate Headshots in Black and White

London Headshot Photography

Many of our larger corporate clients that are within the professional services sector such as law, finance, etc will also use images of their key personnel in black and white. This can offer a consistency not only throughout a country but internationally as well. Photographers work in colour will differ in what is called white balance meaning the images may appear to have a warmer or cooler tone depending on the preference of the photographers style. Converting images to a true black and white (not greyscale which is very flat in its tonality) can produce images that match very well when displayed on a website, internal and external literature, etc.

All headshots are available in both colour and B&W

Colour and Black & White versions of an actors headshot

All the headshots we produce are photographed in colour in a RAW format. This gives us the flexibility to create black and white as well as colour images for you to use wherever you like. Even if you purely want black and white images, you have the option of taking the colour as well.

Environmental Corporate headshot in Black & White

If you are looking for new headshots in colour or black & white, call Helen in Bristol on 01275 568 669 or Sean in London on 020 7523 5325. You can also email us at

Headshot Photography | Locations

FAQ Friday | Where do we photograph headshots

In a new and hopefully regular series, we will answer the most frequently asked questions that we are asked by both corporate and actor headshot clients. This week, we will cover the locations where we photograph headshots. We offer a national headshot photography service with the majority of our shoots taking place in London and Bristol.

In this article, we will cover the numerous options for where to have headshots taken. For the majority (apart from in an office) the locations suit both corporate and actor clients.
We are fortunate enough to photograph headshots and portraits throughout the UK. From classic solid colour backgrounds through to complexly lit editorial images, we have shot throughout the UK and even as far as Dubai!!

On Location (Corporate and Actor Headshots)

Headshot Photography on Location

The UK weather is not always our friend but we do often hold at least part of the shoot outside. There is often a background or light that we can use to create headshots and portraits with a unique look. As we photograph with a shallow depth of field (blurry background) the images won’t look like holiday snaps either but with unique backgrounds. After years of taking images outside, we tend to see things a little differently and its amazing what backgrounds that we use as we know they will look different when blurred out.

On site at a client’s office (Corporate Headshots)

Headshot Photography that comes to you

Whether we are photographing just one person or an entire team, shooting on location at your offices can often be the most efficient method to choose. The key benefits are that you or your colleagues do not have to leave the office. The majority of the companies that we visit, it can be a challenge getting everyone’s diary to sync. If we are on site then we can simply photograph people as and when they are available. Often between meetings or calls, we manage a few minutes to capture someone’s headshots.
We often incorporate the surroundings into the images and with many companies choosing offices that match their brand, having the environment in the image (albeit blurred in the background) can strengthen the branding subtlety through the images. Plus, if you are needed your colleagues can still get hold of you.

In a clients home (Corporate and Actor Headshots)

Executive Portraits at home

We work with a large amount of individuals that are looking for new headshots for their personal brand. Some corporate clients may work for large organisations or are solopreneurs working in a huge range of sectors. Of course actors and performers are solopreneurs in their own right managing their career and brand to forward their career. With many working from home, we have found that its very convenient that we can have a photographer come to them for their headshots. There is enough to manage throughout the day without having to travel miles to have your headshots taken. We bring the studio with us and can get a great range of images that can either incorporate the environment or have a studio background  feel.

At Regus offices throughout the UK (Corporate and Actor Headshots)

Headshot Photography at Regus Offices in London

Many of our clients are solo professionals or part of a remote team. We thankfully have access to many of the hundreds of Regus offices throughout the UK. These are ideal for installing a pop up studio and getting a great professional headshot close to your workplace. They often have great space where we can also shoot environmental images which can look like your own office.

At an event (Corporate and Actor Headshots)

Event Headshot Photography

We have attended many events where we offer headshot photography either throughout the day or between conferences. From networking breakfasts to sales kick offs to specialist shows, we set up in a convenient place and shoot throughout the day. This can be really useful when you have large teams that don’t get together very often where we can capture everyone with a unified look. For industry shows both for corporate and performers, we can offer cost-effective headshot photography throughout the day.

Our Studio (Corporate and Actor Headshots)

Headshot Photography studio in Greenwich London

Our own dedicated headshot studio is in the process of being built. This amazing space will now be ready at the beginning of July with us moving on straight away. The studio will allow the ability to get a wider range of looks in any shoot. We will also offer early morning and evening shoots for those that are busy during the day. We will of course still photograph on location but this offers an additional option for those without an office.
For more articles, click on one of the images below. If you are looking for new headshots, call us in London on 020 7523 5325 or Bristol on 01275 568 669.


Headshot Photography Canary Wharf

Not one day is the same in my world. As a headshot photographer for both corporate and performer clients, I meet such a wide variety of interesting people. Whether its for a very short period when we are photographing a large number of people in a day or for shoots like this one, I am fascinated by the people I meet. Mads is a senior manager at KPMG and is going to be featured in the Danish equivalent of the Financial Times. They needed a range of images from him for the magazine which will be out in April.

Canary Wharf is an amazing location for business headshots

Our ‘Pro Service’ (Click HERE for more information) was perfect for what he was after. I spent a couple of hours with him and got a wide range of images so he had a good selection to choose from. As Canary Wharf is private property, we did have to get a permit to photograph outside. All credit to Canary Wharf Group, they sorted that out really fast. Here is a selection of the images we created for Mads.

Business portrait in Canada Square Canary Wharf

The above is actually the last image we took from the shoot. It was freezing cold and very windy but we really wanted to get a dramatic image that incorporated the buildings of Canary Wharf.

Multiple images of a business executive headshots

From a more casual look to a classic headshot in a matter of seconds. Using the environment, we can create a wide range of business portraits in a short period of time. Although this shoot was for a couple of hours, we often don’t have that luxury because of diaries. We can still achieve a good range of headshots and portraits in less time.

Accountant business portraitsCorporate photography business portrait of a KPMG actuary

I wanted to incorporate KPMG’s branding into the image without being too obvious. The blue wall panel in ‘KPMG blue’ was the perfect background. That and the distinctive Canary Wharf buildings through the window added to the background of this dramatic portrait.

Behind the scenes headshot photogrpahy

A comment we often hear from clients is that their offices are not suitable for having headshots taken. I believe I see environments different to many people and knew the accent lights in the hallway would give an interesting and unique background for this headshot. We had to time the shots so the background wasn’t full of people of course.

Three business portraits from the same shootDramatic business portrait with Canary Wharf in the background

This is the view from the cafe on the 14th floor of KPMG. Its an amazing view. I love the architecture of Canary Wharf and lends itself to editorial style business portraits. We did have to clear a few tables but it was worth it for the shot!

Headshot photogrpahy for accountancy companies | Behind the scenes image

One more headshot from the cafe using the lights in the background as a unique background. Thankfully the cafe was quiet quiet.

If you are looking for classic headshots, a range of editorial business portraits or your whole team photographed, take a look at our headshot pricing by clicking HERE or call us on 020 7523 5325 in London or 01275 568 669 in Bristol

Business Portrait Photography

We recently spent a day with Zeus Capital at their offices on Old Burlington Street in London. It was one of those rare days when lots of the senior management were in one place so it was an ideal time to update their professional headshots. Using their spacious boardroom, they chose a white background so that we can easily reproduce the look in their Manchester and Birmingham offices and also when new people join the organisation.

Business Portrait Photography on Location

As always, we tried to fit in with everyone’s diary and managed to photograph the business portraits with minimal intrusion on their day. In the end, we took business portraits for 36 colleagues which will now be used not only for the website and LinkedIn profile images but in the prospectus that are sent out to new and existing clients. Here is a small selection of headshots from the day.


Collage of business portraits taken at Zeus Capital in London

If you are looking for business portraits for yourself or your team, call us in London on 020 7523 5325 or Bristol on 01275 568 669. Click on an image below to see some more recent corporate headshot shoots

Corporate Photography

Taylor Maxwell specialise in brick and facades. They sell and supply some of the countries most amazing buildings with bricks and masonry. They contacted us for new corporate photography headshots as the all the board members were having their quarterly meeting at the head office. It’s always tricky to get everyone in the one place at the one time so this was an ideal time! They wanted a unified set of headshots to be used on the company’s own website as well as corporate material and LinkedIn. It was purely by chance that we had just taken delivery of a brick background so it suited their brand perfectly. You can see from the behind the scenes image that they do actually have samples of the facades that they supply on the wall.

With very limited time between meetings, everyone had about a minute with me to get a range of images. We swiftly photographed everyone and left them to their working lunch. Here is a small selection from the 15 people that we photographed.

Board Member Corporate Photography

Corporate Photography Headshots in BristolHeadshot for a company CEOFemale Executive Headshots

Behind the Scenes image from this corporate photography shoot

Behind the scenes for headshot photography

If you would like to see some more of our recent corporate photography shoots, click one of the images below.

When photographing we always discuss the style of headshots that you would like and how you would like to be portrayed. If you have a style that you would like us to match or branding guidelines to follow just let us know. With any session we can combine a variety of headshots with editorial style images of your team, your working environment or your building. Basically, while we are with you we are happy to photograph whatever you need us to.

For more information on our corporate photography for either a team or an individual, call us on 020 7523 5325 or 01275 568669. You can email us direct on


Professional Photographer | British Skin Foundation

It was a very crisp winters day in Fitzroy Square in London when we met with Matthew & James of the British Skin Foundation. They are based in an amazing office which leads right out onto the square and gave so many opportunities for their new business portraits. James is going to be featured on a number of websites as the public face of the foundation.  For this they needed a professional photographer to capture not only a range of headshots but some editorial images as well.

professional photographer London - Image of Skin specialist in white coat

As a professional photographer there were so many choices as to where to photograph their portraits, we finally chose one of the main offices which had a great classical feel to it as well as great light. James is a keen photographer and took some behind the scenes images for his Instagram channel.

Professional Photographer - Matthew Patey - Director of British Skin Foundation

Once we had achieved a range of images indoors, we moved to the doorway and finally outside where the sun was just setting on the square. We spent a few minutes getting some editorial style images that they can use across various platforms.

Professional Photographer | James Stalley British Skin Foundation

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer | Two professional Business Portraits of two London based people

If you are looking for professional photographer for headshots or editorial photography for yourself or your team, contact us on 020 7523 5325 or email

Click an image below to see some of our recent articles.


London Headshots | Sales Executive

London Headshots - Young Professionals Business Portrait

This brick wall look is actually a vinyl backdrop although looks realistic and can give a unified look throughout a company.

I recently found a new supplier that has an amazing selection of interesting and creative backdrops that we have started to introduce into our portfolio. Luckily the day they arrived, we had a shoot with Dan who booked us for his London headshots. Dan is a successful sales executive for a leading promotional merchandise company.  I know he looks young, but he is a very driven and career minded individual. I shot Dan in about 30 minutes as he had popped out during his lunch break. He wanted variety in his images so we spent just a few minutes on each look before swiftly changing the setup.

Whether we are photographing headshots in a plush office or a solopreneurs home, we want to be able to provide as many options as possible. We often use the environment that we are photographing in to create the background or many of our larger clients opt for a solid colour such as white or grey to future-proof the ‘look’. In addition to these staple options, we have over the last couple of years started to introduce pop up backgrounds that can create a more interesting look to an image while guaranteeing that we can replicate the look and feel over numerous shoots and in different locations.

London Headshots - Black Background

This black background is subtle in that it’s not totally black giving it a bit more texture

Abstract Headshot Backgrounds

As demand has increased for these more abstract backgrounds, we have looked to increase the number of options available. There are plenty on the market however many resemble 1970’s school photo backgrounds which we try to avoid. That is until they become retro and cool again! This was the first time we had used the brick backdrop. I looked at so many designs that didn’t look right and was so pleased with this one from the first frame.

London Headshots - Vibrant looking background
The final headshot background was one that we have only used once before. It almost has a rusted metal feel. It has great vibrant colours for the right client.
For headshot photography across London and the UK, call us on 020 7523 5325 with any questions.

Headshot Photography – Preparing for your session

Preparing for a headshot photography session. Tips and helpHeadshot Photography – Preparing for your session

In the era of LinkedIn, Twitter and other online and offline platforms, having a great headshot to make a first impression is essential.

Preparing for your headshot shoot will not only make the whole process much less stressful but the resulting images will look that much better!

Here are some tips to help you prepare for your photo shoot.

What to wear for your headshot shoot

Clothing reflects you, your brand and personality so it’s worth spending some time choosing the right outfits(s) for your shoot. For the majority of headshots, it’s only your top half you need to worry about.

For most headshots, we would recommend avoiding too many distracting patterns, graphics, branded logos (Nike, etc) or super vibrant colours.

Wear what you feel represents you and you, your profession and your company. If you are unsure, bring a few changes of clothing. A classic white shirt or blouse is always a great starting point. Consider a formal and casual look for more variety.

Do remember to iron any clothing that you may wear for a shoot and have them hung up. We have had people arrive with bin bags full of clothes and wrinkles really don’t look good in a professional image!

Remember, if you are part of a larger group such as a company. It may be worth coordinating a look. This doesn’t have to be anymore complex that that the men all wear jackets and ties (or not).

What to wear for a headshot photography session

Hair and Make Up for Headshots

We can of course provide hair and make up for a headshot shoot but if you are taking care of everything yourself, here are a few pointers.

Make Up: Typically, make up for headshots is very natural and light. A headshot should be a true representation of who you are so usually best to keep it looking natural.

Hair and Facial Hair – Throughout a shoot, feel free to change your hair. Bring any accessories you like. If you have long hair, start with it down and then put it up throughout the shoot.

For men, if you want a look with and without stubble / beard, bring a shaving kit with you.

Check your eyebrows, nasal hair, etc to make sure you are happy.

Skin: Photoshop is a wonderful thing but spending a bit of time on your skin the day before a shoot will work wonders! Try to avoid alcohol the night before as well as salty and fried foods. Boring as it may seem, water really helps your skin to look great!  Don’t stress about a last-minute breakout – we can remove any unwanted blemishes (and even brighten your teeth) in the retouching process.

Should you wear accessories for headshot photography

Glasses: If you wear glasses on a daily basis, by all means wear them in the shoot. We can ensure that there are no reflections from our lights and you can of course have some shots without them on as well for variety.

Jewellery: For earrings, necklaces, etc. keep it simple so as not to be too distracting in the image. Of course you want your personality to come out but just keep in mind that the headshot is about you!

Business portrait taken outside the Houses of Parliment.

Nervous about your headshots photos?

In years of taking images, we have very rarely met someone that says they love to be photographed! The most common statement is that ‘I am not very photogenic!’ The truth is that everyone can be photographed well.

The best thing to do is to not over think it and let us help you to relax. A headshot shoot should be fun and we will guide you through the whole experience. Whether you are with us for 90 seconds or an hour, we will try our best to put you at ease! If you are really nervous, try a few deep breathes before the shoot and remember there is no pressure from us!


We hope this is helpful for you in preparing for a headshot shoot. If you have any specific questions, call us on 020 7523 5325 or 01275 568 669.

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We are always more than happy to have a chat about any professional headshots requirements you may have. So whether you would like a bespoke quotation, are unsure which service is best for you or what to wear for a headshot it would be great to hear from you. You can fill in the below form or call us on 020 7523 5325 


Our Studio

As well as photographing at client's offices across the UK, we have a studio in London near to Greenwich where we photograph individuals or if your office isn't suitable. Please note, we are at the studio by appointment only as we are frequently at clients' offices.

The Fuel Tank 
8 - 12 Creekside

Telephone: 020 7523 5325

Deptford Station (DLR): 7 minute walk from the studio- 6 min direct train from London Bridge or Cannon Street

Greenwich Station (DLR): 8 minute walk from the studio - 14 mins on DLR from Canary Wharf