5 Ways to Create the Right Image for Your Business

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You know that you run a great business and that what you offer is stellar – now it’s time to let the rest of the world know.

Follow these top five steps by Mark Baddeley, Managing Director of Bristol-based iMARVEL!, a creative agency and marketing consultancy company that work to help raise business profiles to new heights.

Build an engaging website

Create the Right Image for Your Business

Most prospective customers will research online before purchasing, using your website as a tool to find out if you are able to offer them what they need, so make sure your website looks professional and is informative and easy to use.

Employ search engine marketing to direct traffic to your website, and be sure to gear all content on the site to customers. Remember the customer wants to know how you can help them so be sure to talk about facilitating their needs and not just discussing the company’s “mission” or “goals”.

Ensure that you regularly update your site as you may have returning customers who will remain engaged with you and your services/products if you show new content.

Finally, be sure to create a professional look and feel, one that suits your business and reflects your brand.

Create straightforward, easy-to-understand pricing

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You’d be surprised how many businesses use a complicated pricing structure — and try to hide their prices from their customers. Be confident in knowing your worth and streamline your pricing to make it clear, especially if you run a service business.

Exactly how much can your customers expect to pay for which service or product? To help, a pricing menu is often a good idea.

Create a strong ad campaign

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Just like your website, your ad campaign has to focus on what the customer will get.  You want your advertising to send people to your website, where you can flesh out your message. And even without a huge budget, you can still hire professionals to help you – covering print, digital, social, television or billboard advertising – speaking with a professional with give you insight on which medium works for your brand and which will reach your desired audience.

Use the press to tell your story

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It always helps to get a little PR – first, define what you want your target audience to know about your company, then forge a relationship with suitable media and share a ‘topical’ or ‘newsworthy’ story.

When looking to share a story, find out what media outlets your target market reads, watches and listens to, then become familiar with those outlets and start sharing with them.

In regards to being successful with any publicised press releases or television coverage, you need to think wisely on what a news team is looking for … how topical is your story, is there anything happening in the world at the time that may work well with your message, or can you tie in your service or product into something that always causes a debate?

Once you have news coverage this makes your business more credible as you have been validated by an independent and high-profile platform.

Offer genuine and accessible customer service

Direct contact with your target audience is key to boosting your brand image. You might try experiential marketing, where you provide free trials of your product or service. Or you could invite your target audiences to a special event or networking evening.

This one-on-one experience with you/your team, as well as your product at a fun event where you’re controlling the environment. Finally, get involved in your local community with causes and charities that appeal to your target audience, it builds your brand and reputation within the sector you are trying to engage within.

To close…

Your business is a reflection of what you do and how you do it. Marketing your business brand means running a first-rate business and letting people know about it.

Remember, every action your company takes sends a marketing message.


Mark is the Managing Director at iMarvel in Bristol. They are experts in building brands through creative marketing. They offer a full in-house team with expertise in Marketing & Strategy, Design Creative, Video & TV, Web, Social & Print Media.

“Our entire business is built on the principle that a powerful brand can build a powerful business. Our day job is creating, building and sharing our clients brand and story. How do we do this? Without boasting, we are experts in building brands through creative marketing. We offer a full in-house team with expertise in marketing and strategy, design creative, video and tv, web, social and print media. So why work with us? We are flexible, hungry and love a challenge. Our team has worked with and for some of the largest brands on the planet, which allows us to bring experience and know-how to help you build your brand and share your story.”

You can contact Mark through his LinkedIn page : LinkedIn

iMarvels website: www.imarvelus.com

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