14 Great Uses for your Corporate Photography

So you have booked a commercial photographer and have a great range of images but apart from your website and LinkedIn, there are lots of other uses for corporate photography and videos that represent you and your brand. We see so many great uses of our commercial photography that we have compiled an ever-growing list of ingenious uses.

On a truck / van / car

Goudale lorry

All the team here spend a lot of time on the motorway as we go to assignments across the UK. Something that we have noticed is that not that many companies use their images to promote their business on what can be a fleet of vehicles. So many opt for a logo and description of their services but it’s those which imagery that really catches the eye. Think of the amount of potential customers that see even one vehicle on a daily basis. Sky TV are one of the exceptions in this case and use their huge fleet of vans to promote the next big series with eye-catching imagery. Personally, I always notice the lorries for Goudale, a french beer that uses the entire side of a 18 wheel lorry to promote their brand.

On other websites

We are often asked to write articles that appear on websites throughout the world. Whether its to communicate with the business or photography community, our team headshots and imagery appears on many website where we have contributed articles. Having a great catalogue of images helps us to convey what we do to readers and increases awareness through a visual medium. We speak to so many clients that have articles in trade press, industry websites, etc. Having a collection of professional images or a ‘talking business card’ add so much to any publication. Whether it’s an image of your product, office, team or an ‘in-action’ image, it will all contribute to your article having a better impact.

Award Nominations

One of the most common ‘last minute’ calls we get for new headshots or business portraits is when a client gets nominated for an industry award. Suddenly the thought of having the selfie that the use on LinkedIn projected onto a large screen at the largest industry awards dinner of the year won’t do. Especially when the image will be alongside their contemporaries from whatever industry they are from. There is often a deadline to meet as well. Thankfully we have enough photographers that can capture and deliver business portraits within a matter of days.

Trade exhibition stands

Any company that has attended a trade show / exhibition knows just how much goes into projecting the best image of your company and brand. Getting your corporate imagery onto everything possible is one of the key ways to help you stand out from the thousands of other exhibitors vying for the same client base. Having a portfolio of images of your team, products and anything else that conveys your brand is priceless in ensuring that visitors will remember you when they return with a bag full of free pens and stress balls! Whether is a 20 foot high print on the side of your stand or within your promotional material, its key to use in-house imagery to truly convey your branding.

Brochures and promotional materials

In a separate article, I have written about why we should swap stock library images for in-house images of our people, products and whatever else contributes to our brand. This is so important when it comes to photos used in our brochures and promotional material such as flyers. Whatever your industry, using images that truly represent you and your brand is essential in getting your key message across to existing and potential clients. One image can convey so much about what you represent that a stock image simply cannot.

Advertising campaigns

Funny Real Estate sign - 'Moving to Canada'

Previously more popular in the US than UK is utilising images within small business advertising. This is now a growing trend in the UK. Real Estate agents in America want to promote themselves as they key contact within their specialist field. They want you to buy into them as people with approachable imagery rather than simply a logo and text in an advert. I have started to see this happen more and more in the UK with the property pages of the local free papers full of property adverts with not only images of the houses but also ‘meet the team’ images aimed at becoming more approachable to prospective clients. This of course is not exclusive to the property market but they are certainly early adaptors in utilising their people as a key asset in addition to their product offering. My local solicitors now uses their headshots in the local press advertising.

Google My Business (Formally Google Places)

Whether you actively set one up or it was created for you by Google itself, its likely that you will have a ‘Google My Business’ listing. This appears as a box to the right of normal listings when a search is done for your company name. In addition to helping clients to find your details and SEO, it’s a great opportunity to display your imagery about your company and brand to prospective clients. Headshots of your team, pictures of your offices, press and PR images can all be used to create a sense of who the company is. If you don’t already have a Google My Business listing. Click HERE to start

Annual reports

Annual reports are of course key documents with very in-depth information about your organisation. They are so important that I have met with companies that purely help you to produce the best annual report possible. In addition to the facts and figures about your organisation, its key to have a well designed and laid out document that conveys your company’s brand and vision. Even something as simple as having matching headshots for your key members of staff goes towards projecting the best possible image of your company. Having images of your offices, key staff members, products, award ceremonies, etc all go to strengthen the message an annual report conveys.

Your own website

Sean Gannon and Helen Baldwin from Lumosia Commercial Photogrpahy

You would think that having your own imagery on your own website would be an obvious decision to make. However, we see so many clients coming to us that have a website full of generic stock images that say nothing about who they are! Skylines of London or the Clifton Suspension Bridge are lovely but really say nothing about our company or brand. Having real images of your offices, staff and products convey so much more about your brand than stock images ever can. As a corporate photography specialist, we can create a great portfolio of images that you can use time and time again across many platforms.

Press releases

Whatever you have to announce to the world about your business, having great imagery to accompany it will increase your chances of the story being picked up and featured in online and offline publications. Whether its your people, a new product or an event or launch, supply as many images as you can to help your story to be as engaging as possible. Editors look for stories that are visually engaging to draw the readers in and keep them reading for longer.

Point of sale advertising

JML retail displays engage and entertain customers

If your product is vying for that all important retail space, you know that having your product stand out is essential to get the attention of customers. Especially if you have a new product in the market. From small signage through to large format posters and stand alone Point of Sale displays, having great imagery is essential in making a great impact. One company that does this amazingly well is JML. I often find myself mesmerised by one of their videos on their latest innovation in the middle of B&Q. They have fantastic imagery that engages a potential customer and even shows them what the product can do. This really stands out against other products on the shelf.

Online profiles

LinkedIn profile photography

Whether business or personal, we all manage so many online profiles and its key to have imagery that represents who we are and what we represent. How often do you look up a contact on social media before you meet and have a preconception about them often based on a profile image. Online profiles are not restricted to social media. My headshot appears next to listings on trade associations, forums, author profiles, etc. If possible, I aim to have the same image everywhere to have a consistent image.

Business Cards

Business card with a headshot photo on it

I was at a networking meeting recently when I met a previous client who couldn’t wait to show me his business card. As he took it out, he proudly showed me his business card with the headshot that we had photographed for him. This was not a use I had previously thought of. He went on to say that it was the best thing he had ever done. He is a big networker and explained that he would often come back from an early morning networking meeting with a stack of business cards. Apart from one or two people that he had spent more time with, he couldn’t remember what the people were like. He said that his business card with a small photo of himself got a great follow-up as people would remember who he was from his photo. Of course he uses the same image on his website, LinkedIn, etc which strengthens his consistency across his brand.

Speaker profiles

Introbiz speaker profiles

If you get invited to talk at industry events, you will find your profile image being used across promotional materials for the event. Often with profile images of other speakers your image and profile will appear. It’s often a real mix of styles with holiday snaps alongside professional business portraits. When listed to other respected professionals in your field, its best to have an image that represents you and your brand.

We love that our imagery is used across many platforms and we see new uses for corporate photography every week for the photos and videos that we create. If you are looking for unique imagery that you can utilise to promote your personal or business brand, call Sean or Helen on 020 7523 5325 or email hello@lumosia.co.uk

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